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What makes a sustainably farmed organic carrot healthier and more delicious? Why do free-range chickens lay eggs with deeper orange yolks? At Spice Field Kitchen, we explore these questions and seek to ask even more. We embrace the idea that food we grow and eat in the field tastes better than anywhere else in the world. Why is that? Let us journey together to understand homegrown, seasonal, sustainable foods and the impact they can have on our mind, body and community.

The Spice Field Kitchen is a 501(c)3 that provides place-based education cultivating the connection between nutrient-dense foods and sustainable agricultural practices. From on-farm excursions for preschool classes to hands-on nutritional seminars for PhD’s, there are no shortage of lessons to be learned from the forest and field. Our agricultural and environmental education workshops are approachable, interactive and memorable on many levels. Let’s get out in the field together and learn something!

Visit us once and leave with a whole new view of food and the ecosystem that enables us all.

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